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1.  Mare and foal are provided an exceptional feeding program using vet approved, proven and tested, Purina Ultium Growth feed.  Broodmares are started on Growth at the third trimester and continue through weaning.  The foal is on Growth while nursing up through the foal's two to three year old year, depending on the foal's individual needs.  

2.  Foals are imprinted at birth using techniques that provide friendly foal's that are people oriented, adaptive to human demands such as picking up feet, grooming, halter training, and giving to pressure.

3.  Foals are allowed to be horses, growing up with the herd.  They are handled regularly, but left alone to be babies.

4.  At weaning, we use a stress reducing weaning process that allows nature to takes its course.  We have found this gives our foals confidence and less separation anxiety.

5.  Foal's are halter broke, lead, tie and are introduced to round penning, bathing, and trailer loading prior to leaving the property.

Our prospects range from $3500 - $12,500 depending on the age, genetic color panel, and talent.

What to expect when purchasing a weanling or yearling from our ranch:

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